Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Tartan Christmas

Christmas just wouldn't be right if I never had a little bit of home!  

I used a live wreath and just sat my hurricane vase in the center. Of course I had to have a little bit of tartan as I am from Bonnie Scotland! 

 All I did was tied bows on both sides at the bottom of the vase and sat red Christmas balls and berries on the wreath! Simple!

 Here are a few things that I added to my shelf in the dining room!

 We have a huge back yard which backs up into the woods and there are tons of pine trees! This little tree's branches were very bare so I cut some pine branches, sprayed them with fake snow and filled in the spaces to give it a full and natural look! 

  I added all of my little tartan decorations which remind me of home!

I have to share with you these precious pictures I took for a friend. My back yard opens into the woods! A perfect setting for a Christmas family photo shoot! These two little girls  are so precious and we had so much fun!

 This is actually the same tree, as you can see it's a little bare!

 Beautiful Mommy!

 A little sweetheart!

 Ha ha ha! I love them!

 Just beautiful!

 Snow wishes!

 I would like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Thanks for stopping by!

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