Saturday, August 2, 2014

How To Make A String Pendant Shade

1 and a half Lg bottles of School glue
10 Tbs Cornflour
String, hemp or wool.
Beach ball
Pendant Cord set

To start, balance a pole between two chairs, then tie the ball to the pole. I just used a piece of string and tied it around the cap of the ball. I laid a towel down because it can get really messy. Mix up your glue, cornflour and add water until the consistency is like pancake batter.  Put your gloves on, then start dipping your string into the mixture. Squeeze any excess mixture off. There are many tutorials out there and a lot of people leave a big opening for the bulb, but I just wanted enough space for my cord to go through. Start wrapping the soaked string around the ball in different directions until you are happy with the amount you have. I didn't want mine to be too solid. Let it dry overnight, then unplug the ball to let the air out. I had big spaces in mine so I was able to get the ball out. Many people use balloons and all you have to do is pop them.  My husband constructed the electrical part, but you can buy one like this. This one is from Pottery Barn. I found them to be a little expensive, but if you live near an Ikea you may find one there cheaper.

Photo credit: Pottery Barn

I know I had a Thomas Edison light bulb somewhere, but for now I used a regular bulb. This was the perfect solution for my Beach Cottage Guest Room It looks great in the room!

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  1. Beautiful guest room! I really like the beachy feel. I tried making some string balls with the balloons, but my string ended up sticking to the balloon. When I popped it, the string balls collapsed with the balloon. Did you have any problems making this one? Maybe my mistake was leaving too much glue on the string? Pinning it!

    1. Thank you Bethany, you have to spray cooking spray or rub vaseline over the ball or balloon before you wrap it to prevent sticking, I should have mentioned that!

  2. Love this idea!!! I am part of a room challenge right now with Thrift Diving blog and I will totally share this on our page. I'm thinking I'll make one for my bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration! #chickenchick


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