Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lilac & Burlap Spring Wreath

Can you believe it's Spring already? It's one of my favorite seasons. 

I found this wreath in the  At Home store in the clearance section for $6! It's actually a Christmas wreath! I think it works because it's light and has a natural look to it!

Take some burlap ribbon, weave it in and out of the wreath to create loops.
Hot glue your favorite flowers on the diagonal of your wreath.
STEP 3: 
Add a ribbon to the top, tie in a bow.

The flowers came in a bunch with leaves, but I just pull the flowers off and attach with a hot glue gun. I really would have loved lavender, but I think this turned out just as nice! 
Drop some lavender oil onto the flowers so that it smells lovely when your guests come to the door!

Hopefully I'll get to finish potting new flowers to finish the front porch this weekend! I'll post new pictures and new ideas when I'm done!

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