Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Poster Art

Easy Artwork

 I bought these frames for my dining room soooooo long ago! I could never find the perfect artwork for them and really didn't know what I wanted. It's the greatest feeling when you actually find something when you are not looking! I was in the arts and craft store looking for Fall decor when I came across a piece of art which I thought would have been perfect for another frame. I got home and it didn't fit the frame I intended it for so I thought! A-HA!...Brain flash!...

 The poster was 36 x 24 and my frames are 11 x 14. It was close, but it worked out great with 1 inch to spare! I really loved the picture by itself, but I solved the problem of finding the perfect artwork for my dining room and it looks great! Not bad for $18!

I measured and divided the poster into three pieces and thankfully it worked out great! No mistakes! Phew!

 Simple, inexpensive artwork!

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