Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Book Page Wreath

 I hope everyone is having a great Holiday season! If you haven't found the perfect wreath yet for indoors, here is an easy and inexpensive way of making your own!

What you will need:
 One paperback book
A marker
Glue gun
Grapevine wreath

 Start out by ripping out the pages carefully. 
Make sure your hot glue gun is on.
Fold pages in half.
Place your marker in the middle of the paper, then scrunch the paper around the marker.

Put a good amount of glue on the bottom of the paper, then place onto the wreath. Hold it for a few seconds. Continue all the way around.

Decide where you want your ribbon and tie it in place! Once the ribbon is attached, place paper in between ribbon for a full look!

Continue to add the paper till you are done! 

Hang the wreath, then stand back and check to see if you need to add more in certain places!

 This took me a good 3 hours, but was definitely worth it! I love how it turned out and fits my Christmas theme perfectly! Have a wonderful Christmas and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Happy Holidays!

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