Thursday, February 5, 2015

Diy Valentine Rose Buds

Valentines Day is around the corner and I thought I would brighten up my mantel with these cute little rose buds. I saw this tutorial on how to make them for a kissing ball HERE I actually did it a little differently by making them a lot tighter so that they would look more like rose buds.

All you need is, a roll of paper streamers, branches and a hot glue gun!

After I rolled them up really tight I loosened the paper on the outside  to make them look like they are opening up then hot glued them onto the branches. Cute right? It feels like Spring! 

 The large rose was made by my daughter Debs. It's so beautiful!

I don't have the patience to make these, but it really is an art!

 My bunting is just simply made from doilies. I added brown paper to the back of them to make them stronger then taped them onto the string! Simple and elegant!

You don't have to spend a fortune on decorating. Sometimes, as the saying goes, "Less is more!" I hope you have fun making your rose buds, they really are very easy to make!

Party streamers: Dollar Tree
Branches: Free
Cost: $1.00

Okay, I have to tell you about these roses! I found them in the Dollar Tree! YES! They look so real! I bought three bunches. I put a piece of burlap around this vase which I bought a while back in Walmart for under $5 then tied ribbon around it to keep it in place! Now I have a lovely centerpiece on my kitchen table.

I placed doilies and this cute little bird around the vase.
Just for fun, I tea stained the tag to give it a vintage feel and simply wrote love on it!

Happy decorating!


  1. Gorgeous Shirley!!! Every details is beautiful!!!

  2. Very clean and simple and I love it! Your buds are darling!

  3. These are so beautiful! My mom actually made her wedding bouquets using a similar technique many years ago. She was married on Valentine's Day, so real roses were out of the question price wise.

    1. Thank you Jamie! Aw how lovely to be married on Valentine's Day! Wow she must have had a lot of patience to make a bouquet! Does she still have them?

  4. I believe I have that same little white bird:) Very pretty Valentine's decor.. so many pretty ideas:) xx

  5. Thank you Barb! Happy Valentine's Day!


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