Sunday, April 5, 2015

Diy Decoupage Coasters

I bought these tiles some time ago for 25 cents each at a local salvage store and finally decided to put them to good use!

Coffee anyone?

I've seen a few people use this technique using tissue paper to decoupage and thought I would try it! It's so easy! I tore the edges of the tissue paper then used a paint brush to apply the mod podge onto the tile.  Put a good amount of the glue over your tissue paper, making sure it sticks onto the tile. Let it dry before the next step.

Using your stencil, randomly stencil the words onto the tile.

After the tiles were dry I lightly sanded and painted a thin layer of glue over the tile to seal them.

Use felt to protect your table.

 I had this felt for another project, but you can buy it already cut.
Attach the felt to each corner and you are done!

Wrap string or ribbon around them and give as a gift! 

Happy Easter!


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