Sunday, July 5, 2015

Chalk Painted Union Flag Tables

I found these tables on Craigslist. When I saw them I could not believe how great they looked! I decided to paint the Union flag on top. The process was easy! I wanted these tables to look like I'd had them for years! 

 I gave them a good clean with bleach, soap and hot water. I painted them all over in a navy blue chalk paint!
 No sanding was needed as I used chalk paint! I mixed my own chalk paint with calcium carbonate, latex paint and water! Here's the link to the recipe! Chalk paint recipe.
I started out by measuring a 4 inch stripe to make a cross, then a smaller one in the other direction was two inches wide! As you can see above I painted it red. For the outside, I measured a half inch on the outside of each 4 inch red stripe and an inch on the outside of the 2 inch red stripe , then painted them white!

The next step was to sand it down. I wanted it to have a worn look, as if I'd had it for years!

After I sanded them, I used Hemp oil, which glided on easily!

I debated buying different hardware, but decided to keep the original ones!

This was a fun, easy project to do and they turned out amazing!

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  1. These turned out amazing!! It really does look like you've had them for years! XO


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