Friday, June 9, 2017

Sofa/Entryway Table Makeover

Hi friends! I just love a good makeover, don't you? Today I took a boring, scraped up sofa table and gave it a fresh new look!

Here is how it looked before! I'm not sure what kind of wood this is, but it's very light.

 The stain was quite hard to come off, it took a bit of elbow grease !!

The top was really scraped up!

Once I sanded it all down on top, it was easy from there! I used Early  American by Mini wax, a favorite of mine, waited for it to dry, sprayed some polyurethane by Mini wax, a fast drying, clear semi gloss on it, then gave it a good cover with beeswax.

The grain is gorgeous!

For the bottom, I used a white chalk paint, but it bled through, so I decided to cover it with a gray spray  paint by Rustoleum called Stone Gray, once dry, I dry brushed it over with white chalk paint, then added wax to seal it!

 I love how it turned out! 


To get a designer/cohesive  look, choose items of the same family, such as beach themed, coastal, farmhouse, etc... Choose things of the same color, but different tones and always use texture! Play around with  balance and height and try to group things in 3's

This was a fun, easy project! Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!
Shirley x

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