Friday, June 14, 2013

Mason Jar Trio

Today I'm sharing my newest project!! Mason jars are so versatile, I'll be posting different, fun projects along the way on how to create interesting fun ways on how to decorate with mason jars!
In this blog, I will take you step by step on how to make your very own decorative "Mason Jar Trio".

What you will need to get started:
3 Glass Mason Jars
Parchment Paper
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Sand Paper
Wood Pallet
Nail Gun
Wood Glue
1 Inch Stencils

Step 1:  

Protect your work surface. I used parchment paper. Now you are ready to Put your first coat of paint. Do not paint the bottom of your jars! Once painted, set them aside to dry. Add a second coat of paint until you have completely covered the jar.
For a gradient look, add white to your  paint to lighten it.
Paint your second jar with this color.
Then, for the third jar, add more white to lighten up the first base color! This will give your "Mason Jar Trio" that gradient look

Step 2:


Once your jars have completely dried, take your sand paper and 
gently rub the surface. Make sure to rub evenly around each jar, to avoid "over rubbing" the surface! Also, for that vintage look, take your sand paper and rub over the letters of your jar to make the words stand out.


Now we're ready to put our vintage box together! First, take your jars and sit them side by side, spacing them half an inch apart. This will give you an idea of how big your box will be. Then measure the length and width of the jars. Take your wood pallet and mark where the edges of your box will be. Using a saw, cut the wood pallet along your marks, creating the sides of your box. Then take your wood glue, and glue the sides together. Once you've let the glue sit, take your nail gun and nail the sides in.

Grab your coffee and start stenciling! Come up with some ideas of what you might want to have on your "Mason Jar Trio". Take your stencil sheet and lightly mark where you want your phrase on your box. Then decide on what color paint you wish to make your words. Grab a paint brush, and dab in your unique phrase! A great tip to give your piece an old-fashioned look is to take your paint and water down, making it faded and vintage.
Step 5:

Fill the jars with flowers for a complete look!
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