Sunday, June 16, 2013

Fruit Jars

I was shopping at Walmart and saw these cute little glass fruit jars. Instead of thinking how yummy the fruit would be, I thought of what I could reuse the jars for! It must be the designer in me! : )

So after trying to get my husband to eat all of the fruit, here's what I came up with.
Oh, by the way... happy Father's Day!
The kids and I took Dad out to lunch by the beach and, of course, I was multitasking! I brought a plastic tub and filled it with sand for my cute, little, candle beach jars!! Who knew in a former life they were fruit! Ha!

 Formerly known as... fruit jars!

Fill the jars with sand and then place the tea light candle on top. Push the candle down into the sand a little, then wrap some raffia around the jar and tie it in a bow. Light your candle and enjoy!


  Of course I had to have candy jars! How cute are these? Just paint the lids to match your candy, and add little tags to say what they are. The kids will think they are in a candy store!
Um... Yes I did it for my own entertainment! Who am I kidding my kids are old! Haha!

Last, but not least...

My lovely little herb jars! Mmmmm! They smell so good! I even used the fresh basil to make sauce for my gnocchi! I purchased the labels in Michael's arts and crafts store and had some chalk lying around. Just fill the jars with soil and plant your favorite herbs! There are so many things you can use these cute little jars for whether you use them for storage or for show. I hope you enjoyed how I decided to reuse them. Oh yes... the fruit was really good too! : )

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