Sunday, July 14, 2013

Simple Beach Mantle


I finally got around to decorating the mantle. I wanted a clean, simple look. I placed the artwork on the mantle instead of hanging it. It gives a more casual feel! Then I recently purchased these cute little mason jars at World Market! I had been looking for blue jars forever and there they were! don't you just love when you have been imagining something in your head then you see it in the store? The woman next to me must have thought I was a crazy person! I got a little excited! Lol! 
You can put just about anything in the jars, but keep it simple,
 I put tea lights in them they give off a nice calm light.
Starfish are great accessories to put anywhere,
 especially if you are doing a coastal theme.
 I love them and think I must have one in every room!    


 I found this vase in Ross, one of my favorite places!  
You can find really interesting pieces in there.
 I loved the vase because it reminds me of
coral and I love that it's white and very unique. 
I balanced the other side with a square shaped vase
filled with green reed like plants which worked out great.
TIP: Choose things that you love and everything will fall in place. 
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  1. Love the coastal theme! Anything with seashells, starfish & anything beach related and I'm in love! Adore the small blue mason jars, I found some pint sized blue ones at Michaels! Thanks for sharing the idea!!

  2. Thank you Melissa! I found them in World Market they are so cute!


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