Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Are you getting excited  for the holidays? Get creative and get a head start on your holiday wreaths! Don't you just love Fall? The cooler weather, leaves changing color and beautiful scented candles. I made this wreath last year.  It was very inexpensive and easy to make

Fall Wreaths


. I bought a grapevine wreath at A C Moore craft store for $5 and the flowers and leaves at the dollar tree. I bought about six bunches. I had some ribbon at home from a project I did before. I purchased it from Walmart for around $3. Simply just add the flowers and leaves around the wreath until it's full. I did not use any glue or wire I just stuck them through the wreath. loop the ribbon around the wreath at the top and staple it to the top of the door!  I love how it turned out and I get lots of compliments!

Burlap Fall Wreath

Learn how to make this burlap wreath 
Christmas Wreath

I made this last year and I love how it turned out! Again, use a grapevine wreath. Find a pine tree! lol! I have one in my back yard! I cut some fresh pine branches and placed them on one side then a little on the other side to balance it! I used floral wire to keep them on. I sprayed some of the pine branches with fake snow then I added some artificial berries, real ones would have been nice!) Ting ting! (The curly stuff!) real pine cones which I had in a potpourri mix and the best part,  they still smelled like cinnamon! I hot glued all of these items on the wreath then bought a tartan bow from Walmart $5. Puff out the bow and you are done!  

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