Saturday, June 7, 2014

Chalk Painted Floor Lamp

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! I saw this floor lamp in Kirklands and I loved it!  It was very close to the color of my chalk paint I just bought. It's amazing how paint changes everything! My lamp looks great now!

Kirklands floor lamp
Photo credit, Kirklands

My floor lamp 

American Paint Company

I started with  Limoge as the base color, then I used  Dollar bill as the main color.

This chalk paint goes on so smoothly!

After the first coat dried  I added a little of the smoke signal, (grey) to have some dark areas pop out then I  covered the entire lamp with dollar bill. 
Before the dollar bill color dried, I used a very damp cloth to wipe some areas to give a worn beachy feel! Rub random areas very lightly you don't want to take too much off!
 I love not having to sand!

After the paint had dried I used Annie Sloan's soft wax to give it a finished look!

 It turned out great!  
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