Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY Vintage Flower Pot

How's the weather where you live? 
We had quite a bit of snow in Virginia Beach last night!

I couldn't stay home and do nothing right? So I broke out the popcorn, watched a movie then made a vintage flower pot!

 Just kidding about eating the popcorn. I did however watch a movie! Have you seen the movie "Chef" ? It's fantastic! You will LOVE it! So here's what I did today!  Don't throw away your popcorn tins folks! There are so many uses for them! Today I'm sharing with you how easy it is to make this Vintage flower pot!

You will need:
Latex paint
Plastic container
Paint brush
Calcium carbonate

I actually made my own chalk paint, but you can buy it already made.
Here's where I found my recipe for my chalk paint.
In my own style.

 I painted the popcorn tin about 3 times to get the proper coverage! To speed the drying process up, use a hair dryer in between coats.

I wanted to add a little detail and dimension to the tin, so I added string around it, then painted it the same color. For a Vintage look I added a graphic.  I found this graphic on  The Graphics Fairy She has the most amazing graphics! I used the wax paper method which you can also find on her page! I chose this one because I'll be using the tin for flowers. I love how it turned out!

 I tied some string around the tin, then chalk painted over it.

I had to take advantage of the snow! I really want to fill it with an abundance of lavender, but not today! Once the snow melts I'll go to the store and get some.

 I stole my daughter's roses for a quick picture to show you a different look!

So pretty!

Well, that was an easy afternoon project don't you think? Just remember not to throw your popcorn tins, paint tins or coffee tins away as you can see you can create a beautiful, inexpensive vintage look to add beauty to any room in your home!


  1. How creative is this?!?!? I have so many of these tons from Christmas and I didn't throw them away because I always say... I can do something w them- but what?!? NOW I KNOW!!! This is one of my favorites yet. Keep em coming!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! You have to try this, it's so easy! Happy decorating! x

  2. Wow, this turned out great! Thanks for sharing! I found you on Create it Thursday Linky! I have so many boy scout popcorn tins, they're coming out of my ears! Thanks for the transformation!

    1. Thanks Erica! YAY! I'm glad you get to use your popcorn tins! I know we had them too and I only kept one. Happy decorating! : )

  3. Love it! Love that you took advantage of the snow too, it made a beautiful backdrop. :)

  4. Hi Shirley, this turned out so pretty, what a great idea! thanks for showing us how and joining in on SYS!


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