Saturday, February 28, 2015

DIY Wood Framed Mirror

 My entryway needed a little bit of attention! I've had so many pictures up here and not one of them made this space feel right! I always wanted to have a wide framed mirror and I finally found a great tutorial on The wood grain cottage

 I've had this mirror in my attic forever and when I came across the tutorial for the mirror frame I was excited to get started!
Below is 1/4 inch underlayment which was about $12 for a very large piece! I got Home Depot to cut it to size for me. Remember if you get it cut, to add your frame size (fence pickets) Refer to this tutorial. DIY Wood Framed Mirror

I used the cedar pickets for my project, (untreated) At first I used the treated wood picket, but the color was really dark and where the greenish areas are on the treated wood, they came out all splotchy so use the untreated one for this look! I used the same stain as they did in the tutorial. Early American, by Miniwax.

 I wanted my mirror to have a smooth finish, so I sanded it lightly.

If you are ever stuck for artwork you can use scrapbook paper. I found this in A C Moore for $1 on clearance! The colors were perfect!

 Now I have to figure out what paint color to use in the entryway! : )

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the mirror! Looks so expensive...but not! My favorite pic is from the dining room- great photo. And love the scrapbook paper idea!!! Who would have thought....Shirley that's who ;) !!!

  2. The whole appearance is very good dear. Loved your mirror, and that stone fish ( is that what it called or anything else ? ). The whole design looks like, designed by someone professional. DIY or other decor items would totally change the appearance like adding a bit of color to a sad life. The interior architecture ideas of my friend’s home in Toronto, is really amazing. Especially those exquisite interior decors and there is a mirror in hallway, a round mirror with wooden frame.


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