Saturday, April 18, 2015

My $25 Office Desk/Office makeover!

Sometimes you just find a great deal! I found this desk on Craigslist posted for $30, but when my husband went to see it they said he could have it for $25! There were a few dings and scrapes, but the majority of it had good bones! I knew we could make a few adjustments!

I love this basket and wanted to add it into my design so I added a hook at the end of the desk! Now it's functional and  aesthetically pleasing.

The frame on this chalkboard was black and needed a little personality, so I used Annie Sloan's Old Ochre chalk paint to brighten it up, then I added two wire letter holders that I found in Ross for $7.99 each, tied a piece of chalk onto string and voila! I have a functional place to write notes and put my mail or other paperwork!

 I wanted to create extra storage for my paint brushes, etc... so I added baskets underneath the bench. This old window was sitting in my attic so I thought it would be great to use as a weekly calender/art!

Tell me why I don't like Mondays? Lol! Boomtown Rats! Aw... I thought I could have Thursday off!!!
Yeah, who am I kidding, there's always something to do!

Use a tray to hold your printer paper for easy access.

 I'm using these little boxes for pencils and clips/pens! These were a gift from my brother, aren't these cups cute? The boxes are very sturdy and worked out well!

 I love reusing things! This jar came with the wooden balls in it, but I thought they would look great inside the jug of flowers! 

If you want a change in scenery, just change out your artwork, chair and accessories! Here are some ideas and tips!

Wrap twine around the stems for a more pleasing look!

I love this canvas! Makes me feel like I'm at the beach! Ahhh.....

 No more crouching over the table downstairs when I blog! I can sit at my new desk now and have everything at hand!

Here are the before pictures of my desk and room!

You can't actually see it, but the smallest drawer had a chunk out of it so we decided to put a shelf in it's place!

Nothing better than knowing it's the last piece to paint! : )

Here's a little tip! I used my stove top scraper to remove the excess paint!

It's so fresh and fun to work in here, I love it!

I love my new office space. It's so great to finally be able to work here and have everything at hand!

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