Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tips on Styling Your Space!

A room makeover doesn't have to cost a thing! I'm going to tell you how easy it is to get a new look for free! How does that sound?  I love to reinvent spaces, so I constantly move things around, creating a fresh new look every time!

Layer frames and group 
interesting pieces together

The frames and wood arrow have a lot of texture, pattern and interest, so I grouped them together. I used a clear glass vase as not to block the vision of the frames. I've also re purposed the glass candle holder vase and used it for flowers.

Use frames that are interesting! I love the chevron pattern in the large frame and the chippy paint on the beachy frame!

Use unexpected things 
I've used the tops of my jute tubs as a tray/candle holder!

Texture & Pattern
Add as much texture and pattern  throughout your space as you can! It creates a lot of interest even if you don't have a lot of color! 

I love the texture of my basket and pillow here. It adds interest and texture! It also serves a purpose to hold my books and extra pillows!

Use grasses to add texture!
The grass here  is in a white vase and it's attached, so I just popped it inside my rope container!
In design, there's a rule of three when styling! Try to keep to three things, as it can get too cluttered. Keep it simple! 

Make a statement!!!
Use bold, big graphics to make a statement! Especially on the bed as it will be the focal point in the room! I was lucky enough to find this quilt set in Pottery Barn on clearance!

Paint your existing artwork!
If you have something that you would love to put in your room, but it doesn't match because of it's color, paint it! The three pieces below were very different before. I wish I had a picture, but they were a very metallic looking color and the ferns were just black. I rolled over each one with white latex paint and with the help of my daughter, took a very small brush and painted in each groove! I put my beach sign that I made myself above because I thought  it looked good here!

Pops of color!
I have quite a neutral pallet here so I've added pops of blue and green throughout the space, such as the birds below! Whatever the main color is in your space, just add pops of that color throughout so not to overpower the space with that color! I've taken the blue from my quilt and green from the furniture to add to this space!

Let's talk window treatments! I actually would like to see white window treatments here, but haven't got around to buying them yet! I think it will freshen the space up nicely for Summer!

If you feel bold enough, paint your furniture a fun color! I've had this furniture for over 20 years and painted it! You can see the transformation HERE

I hope these tips help you! Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great week!


  1. ali mclean wrightMay 3, 2015 at 9:58 PM

    love it - what good taste you have - and wish id seen that quilt in PB!!! youd have had to fight me for it!!

  2. Such a lovely room, Shirley! I love that quilt and how you paired the blues and greens. :)


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