Sunday, September 27, 2015

Primitive Bathroom Ladder

I've always wanted to have one of these ladders for my bathroom, so I decided to have a go at it and make it myself!

You will need:
Two 8ft 2x2's
One 8ft 1x2
Chalk paint
hemp oil or wax
Hammer & nails
measuring tape
letter stencils

I had the two outer pieces cut to 6ft @ Home Depot. I wanted a slight angle to the ladder, so I measured the bottom to be 15" then the top to 12" that way it would have the slight angle I was looking for! Here is a diagram that I used to make it with a few adjustments at the top and instead of making jig holes I just used the nail gun and nailed the steps on the outside!

I made a few adjustments!!

I used a nail gun to attach the wood, then sawed off the excess wood! Next step was to sand the whole ladder before painting!

The basket I used is from Homegoods and was a perfect fit! I added more detail to it by using 2" stencils and black chalk paint!

This hook IS  from a new hook rack that I  bought to use for projects. It's actually cheaper to do it this way! Hooks like this usually run about $5-$10!

I used Rustoleum chalk board paint. I actually thought of having a solid look to the ladder, but ended up sanding it after I painted it and loved how it looked!

To finish I rubbed it with a lint free cloth using hemp oil, you can also use wax to give it a nice finish!

Adding a hook provides more storage to hang extra towels!

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  1. This is so cute! I too always love the look of a ladder propped up in a corner. When I was going through my country d├ęcor phase about 20 years ago, I had two of them. Wish I had them back now!

    1. Thanks Christy! I love them! I need to make one for beside the fireplace to put my throws and magazines on a Christmas time!


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